Bird Families

Great Black Thrush / Copsychus saularis


Other uses of the photo

Dimensions in centimeters are for reference only and correspond to printing at 300 dpi. The purchased files are provided in the format Jpeg.

¹ Standard License permits a one-time publication of an image on the Internet or in print (with a circulation of up to 250 thousand copies) as an illustration for information material or the cover of a print edition, as well as within the framework of one advertising or promotional campaign on the Internet,

² Extended license allows other uses, including in advertising, packaging, website design, and so on,

³ License Private printing authorizes the use of the image in the design of private interiors and for printing for personal use in an edition of no more than five copies.

* Image packages give significant savings when buying a large number of works (more)

Original size: 2200 × 1467 pixels. (3.2 megapixels)

The price indicated in the table consists of the cost of a license to use the image (75% of the total cost) and the cost of photobank services (25% of the total cost). This division appears only in the invoices and in the final documents (contracts, acts, registers), in the rest of the interface of the photobank there are always full amounts payable.

Attention! The use of works from the photo bank is possible only after their purchase.Any other use (including for non-commercial purposes and with a link to the photo bank) is prohibited and punishable by law.

Night photo hunting

Rusty poison dart frog (Xiphorhynchus erythropygius). Inhabits mountain slopes up to 1800m from Mexico to Ecuador. Here, shooting at night in the rain. Milpe, ...

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