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Hello everyone!
Share information, algae eater - is he a nocturnal or day resident?

I caught it easier. I have a boat, of course, we must get rid of it. But these are remnants of the initial stage of aquaristics))) So he hid in it every time I tried to catch him. I did it easier - pulled out the boat And gently shook it out. That's all the catch

This is a hint that they need to arrange shelters. in which they will hide. better if a simple tube drove and calmly pulled out.
I have not one. I had two of them. Both were caught only by deception. Otherwise, there is no way to catch them. Nimble bastards.

In general, these fish have disappointed me. They were presented to me in the store as good "schooling" fish, but in fact it turned out that they were not schooling. I don't even know about the good ones. Here he alone now lives in my jig for 35 liters and, it seems, is a good
But knowing what the sellers had to offer, I became more circumspect. Now, before buying, I look at the assortment, then go home and look for information, only then buy. No matter how much you like the fish.
I understand that this should be done from the very beginning, but, apparently, this is the "disease" of all beginners.
And I have even become attached to mine.He is now swimming alone with ampularia and steals cabbage from them

Hello everyone!
Continuing the story of algae eaters! More precisely about weights.
After hellish torments, I managed to catch 1 of 3 algae eaters from 100 liters of the aquarium (the same bully that drove the molly), and he went to the cichlid house, where he asked him, "Do you know that crucian KASOGO ?!" apistogram babies stuck together with babies cancer, taking it in a tight ring (there are just four of them). The fox, seeing such non-childish muddiness, crawled along the compressor pipe (with a show-off he has a lot of work!) Into the thickets of Anubis
It comes out of course, but now behaves extremely restrained. And try to behave differently, in the cichlid house then))))
An interesting situation is 100 liters with the remaining 2 weights.
They have become lower than the grass. I hardly see them. Where did the aggression go.
They work, but very neatly, they even "bend around" the corridors. They generally shy away from the squash.

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Thank you for your kind words! I'll look for a red lantern.
But don't fish distinguish the blue spectrum of color?

We have a very similar story with you!
These are the very words they said to me in the store.

Do not worry, soon these two will sort things out. This is a temporary lull so far. My one when I stayed was also a quiet man, and then began to "ride" on scalars. So, I would recommend them all to the cichlid

I was sold one SAE and one Girinoheilus (of course both under the guise of SAE).
They live 3 months energetically, but peacefully, they do not touch neons with parsing.

And they, apparently, are brought so, but the sellers themselves cannot distinguish them. So they sniff

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Girinoheilus is a relatively large fish, in nature it reaches 25 cm. 100 liters is definitely not enough for it. This leads to increased aggression.
But he does not touch fish less than 5 cm. For example, Hetermorphs and Honey Gourami Rasbora lived with him without problems. Shrimp too. But the larger fish - pearl gourami, mother-of-pearl gourami and SAE were all killed by him.
At different times of his life, he changed his daily routine. The first one and a half to two years was active during the day, behaved quite peacefully. And when its size exceeded 12 cm, he dug a hole under the snag and slept there all day, getting out only to feed. That is, when I poured food, he got out and chased all the fish for a long time. Because it was easier for him to collect food from the bottom, and he did not like when other fish eat food while he falls.
But at night he was active. He improved his burrow. The ground rustled quite loudly. And when he was driving SAE, splashes of water were heard (the poor fellow was trying to jump out of the water to escape the pursuit).
However, he cleaned the aquarium from fouling (mainly diatoms). Against red algae, it is of course useless.
But SAE - he generally ate algae only the first time. Then he completely switched to fish food.
And also the girik spoiled the plants. He bit through the leaves, leaving arched holes, like a bracket). In addition, he lay down on the plants with his carcass, thereby suppressing their growth. Without it, Cryptocoryne became 2 times higher.

Take the time to watch this video.
I can't explain this for myself at all!

Cichlid tank in detail and the reason why CAE's are horrible fish !!

PS This is how I understand the weight, the same as they live with me))))