Bird Families

Banded Thymelia (Turdoides striatus)


1. Biology

The nesting parasite of the African crested cuckoo specializes in species of this genus. Its eggs were found at least in the nests of 8 species of this genus in the piebald Turdoides bicolor, the bald-faced Turdoides gymnogenys, the Angolan Turdoides hartlaubii, the brown Turdoides jardineii, the white-lumbar Turdoides leucopygius, the black-eyed Turdoides melanops, the Sudanese Turdoides plebejus, and the Sudanese Turdoides plebejus. The eggs of the African crested cuckoo are pale blue, bright turquoise or lilac in color. And, in general, they correspond to the color of eggs of various thrushes. In Nigeria, there is a high similarity with the color of the eggs of the Sudanese thrush thymelia, which have a pale violet-pink color, which differs from other species of the genus.


As a result of phylogenetic research Cibois and colleagues in 2018, the composition of the genus changed: species previously belonging to the genus were added to the thrushes Kupeornis and Phyllanthus, and 15 species are allocated to the restored genus Argya.

For December 2020, 19 species are included in the genus:

  • Turdoides atripennis (Swainson, 1837) - Capuchin Bubbler
  • Turdoides bicolor (Jardine, 1831) - Spotted Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides chapini (Schouteden, 1949) - Chapin's starling bubbler
  • Turdoides gilberti (Serle, 1949) - White-throated Starling Bubbler
  • Turdoides gymnogenys (Hartlaub, 1865) - Naked Thrush thymelia
  • Turdoides hartlaubii (Barboza du Bocage, 1868) - Angolan Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides hindei (Sharpe, 1900) - Hind's Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides hypoleuca (Cabanis, 1878) - Bronze Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides jardineii (A. Smith, 1836) - Brown Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides leucocephala Cretzschmar, 1826 - White-headed Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides leucopygia (Rüppell, 1837) - White-lumbar Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides melanops (Hartlaub, 1867) - Black-faced Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides nipalensis (Hodgson, 1836) - Spiny Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides plebejus (Cretzschmar, 1828) - Sudanese Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides reinwardtii (Swainson, 1831) - White-eyed Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides rufocinctus (Rothschild, 1908) - Red-collared starling bubbler
  • Turdoides sharpei (Reichenow, 1891) - Sharp's Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides squamulata (Shelley, 1884) - Scaly Thrush Thymelia
  • Turdoides tenebrosa (Hartlaub, 1883) - Coastal Thrush Thymelia